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Chief Justice Carson, Attorney General Myers Confronted "AGAIN" About Court Corruption

US~Oregon Observer Newspaper

Law Commission Chairman and State Representative Lane Shetterly shuts
down hearing to block angry citizens from testifying about the wide
spread corruption and abuse in the Oregon Court system and in the Oregon
State government in general.

On December 12, 2003 the Oregon Law Commission met in Hearing Room D in
the State Capitol in Salem, Oregon. Those in attendance besides
Shetterly included Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Carson, Jr.,
Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers, Oregon State Senator Vickie Walker,
Wilamette University Law School Dean Simon Simeonides, Marsha Walters,
Dom Vitri, Wendy Johnson, David Kenagy, Greg Mowe and Sandra

Also present, and invited to testify were 5 or 6 representatives from
different state agencies and from Governor Kulongoski's office. Among
the other 30-35 concerned citizens present, but not invited to speak
were Roger Weidner, l998 Oregon Reform Party candidate for governor and
currently president of Oregon Judicial Watch; Pamela and Will Gaston,
directors of A Voice For Children; Susan Detlefsen, Director Oregon
Family Rights; Dee Michaels, Grandparents for Family Justice; Yvonne
Heinrichs, Provably Innocent Prisoners (POP); Velma and Ernie Hartwig,
FAIR Family Advocacy Group; Ed Johnston, Advocate and Lobbyist for
Constitutional Government.

An hour into the hearing the fire alarm sounded. In the hall outside
the hearing room Susan Detlefsen (who had emailed Judge Carson a copy of
a letter she had sent to the League of Women Voters about the ongoing
fraud and family and child abuse by "Children and Families"), confronted
Carson and identified herself. Judge Carson nervously responded that
he knew who she was. As Judge Carson was walking down the hall Roger
Weidner, who has testified about the court corruption before Carson in
the Supreme Court and prior Law Commission hearings, again approached him
and said that although there has been some improvement with the
corruption problem in the courts, it is still a very serious intolerable
problem. Judge Carson told Weidner "keep up the good work". As Judge
Carson walked through the exit doors on the South side of the Capitol
Pamela Gaston approached him (see picture) and said she had filed a
Petition in the Supreme Court naming him. He said "I understand". She
then said to him, as he stood silent, "Our child (Melissa Gaston) is not
released, our houise has been stolen, we are not going to do this,
Mr. Carson."

As the Commission members were standing across the street, waiting for
the all clear signal, the subject of the conduct of former prosecutor
Roger Weidner came up. Will Gaston, standing near Judge Carson said
"Well, you know Roger is usually right"; to which Judge Carson responded
by saying, "Yes he is."

The hearing was scheduled to coontinue until 5pm. At 4:30pm Shetterly
stated he was concluding the meeting. Roger Weidner immediately stood
and told the panel, "You can't do this. The people here have come from
all over the state to testify about the outrageous way they have been
abused by the corruption in the court system and state agencies, you
must let them be heard." As Weidner was speaking the others wanting to
testify started demanding to speak. The Commission members were
obviously embarassed and confused while being confronted. Weidner
approached Attorney General Hardy Myers who was still sitting down and
said "Hardy the corruption going on in the court system and these state
agencies is out of control. There will be violence if there is not
immediate action taken to stop this corruption and abuse of the citizens."
As Weidner was speaking to Myers, Judge Carson stood by listening as did
many of the other angry citizens present. As the Commission members
hurriedly tried to leave the hearing room they were confronted by the angry
citizens who had not been allowed to testify. The Commission members were
obviously embarassed and intimidated by the harsh criticism they were
receiving from their constituents. Roger Weidner told the group "When the
government fears the people you have liberty; when the people fear the
government you have tyranny." Weidner also quoted Thomas Jefferson who
said what he feared more than standing armies was the tyranny of a
corrupt judiciary. Weidner said it is the tyranny of a corrupt judiciary
that the citizens of Oregon have been enduring for far too long.
Weidner quoted Abraham Lincoln who said, "Our life our liberty depends on
preserving the constitution as our founding fathers made it inviolate. The
people are the rightful masters of both the courts and the
constitution, not to overthrow the constitution but to overthrow those who
subvert it." Weidner said the time is now for all citizens to forcefully
notify their elected public officials and inform them that they must act
immediately to end the wide spread corruption, in our courts and state
government, and restore clean constititutional government to the citizens
of Oregon.

After the hearing there was a candlelight vigil sponsored by Oregon
Family Rights and A Voice For Children, in memory of the children and
families who have been injured and destroyed by CAF (Children and
Families), formerly SOSCF (State Offices for Services to Children and
Families), formerly CSD (Child Services Division).

(See link to view
the videotape from the vigil)

Pictures can be viewed at: Newswire


Hearing on Oregon Corruption, Federal Court Teleconference at the
Capitol, Making the Record of Systemic Fraud, Criminal Process being
enforced on the People through outlaw courts, unconstitutional legislative

To all of you who read this let me introduce myself. I am Roger
Weidner, a former attorney and public prosecutor (who ran the Consumer
Fraud Department in the Multnomah County District Attorney's office in
1975-76) fighting the widespread corruption in the Oregon court systems
and in State government as well. You can read about what I have been
doing by going to

For the past l6 years I have been in an on-going battle to restore
constitutional government to the citizens of Oregon. I have been
demanding that all judges strictly comply with doing what they swear,
profess and are paid to do, namely see that every citizen appearing in their
court be accorded his unalienable constitutional rights to "equal
protection" and "due process" of law.

For insisting on being allowed to speak in court on the record,
about this corruption, I have been repeatedly ordered arrested (4 times
violently) and jailed on the orders of a group of corrupt judges covering
up the theft of innocent peoples, children, land or other property in
"sham" often "star chamber" type judicial proceedings devoid of even a
semblence of constitutionally guaranteed rights to "equal protection" or
"due process" of law. However by filling the courts with large groups
of outraged citizens I have noted a dramatic change in the way that we,
the sovereign citizens in this community, are being treated in the
courtrooms in this state. Now with fear and respect, rather than by threat
and intimidation, by those public employees working on the public
payroll, to serve their employers, the citizens of this state, in the courts
around the state.

I am appearing in a hearing in the Oregon State Capitol Room 350 at
8:30am on February 24, 2004 to give testimony in a Federal Court
proceedings again detailing the corruption problem in the Oregon court
systems and State government in general. Please attend and bring all who
demand once again constitutional government here in Oregon with you.

(There is also a Law Commission hearing two days later, FRIDAY, FEB
27th, 2-5pm, Capitol Hearing Room "B", Salem Capitol .... come, bring
people and 25 copies of written testimony for the record.)


Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
and make them accountable
to We the People.
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