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Ashburn, Roy

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California State Senate
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Roy Ashburn, the conservative Republican California state senator, who was arrested in March of 2010 for drunk driving after reportedly leaving a gay bar, has acknowledged that he is gay. Ashburn, a divorced father of four, has repeatedly voted in opposition to gay rights, and in 2005 hosted a rally in favor of "traditional marriage." He has voted against expanding anti-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation, recognizing out-of-state gay marriages and establishing a day honoring gay lawmaker Harvey Milk.
Roy Arthur Ashburn (born March 21, 1954) is an" title="American politician">American politician from Kern" target="_blank">,_California">Kern County, California. A" title="Republican Party (United States)">Republican, he served as a" title="California State Senate">California State Senator from 2002 to 2010 representing the" title="California's 18th State Senate district">18th district. He previously served three terms in the California" target="_blank">">California State Assembly, representing the" title="California's 32nd State Assembly district">32nd district and 12 years on the Kern County" title="County board of supervisors">board of supervisors. He now serves on the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board after having been appointed by Governor Arnold" target="_blank">">Arnold Schwarzenegger[1].
Although he had maintained a firmly anti-gay-rights" target="_blank">">gay-rights voting record, in March 2010 Ashburn" title="Coming out">acknowledged that he is gay.[2] After coming out, he gradually changed much of his rhetoric and stance regarding LGBT" target="_blank">">LGBT policy.[3]
On March 3, 2010, Ashburn was arrested on suspicion of" title="Drunk driving">drunk driving while operating a State of California owned vehicle. The Senator was pulled over in,_California" title="Sacramento, California">Sacramento by the California Highway Patrol shortly before 2 a.m.,[9] with sources saying he was leaving a Sacramento" title="Gay bar">gay nightclub, Faces, in the Lavender Hill neighborhood, with an unidentified male passenger in a state-owned" title="Chevy Tahoe">Chevy Tahoe.[8] Asburn's blood" target="_blank">">blood alcohol content was measured at 0.14%.[12] The arrest "launched nationwide speculation that the veteran lawmaker is gay and therefore a hypocrite for voting against gay-rights bills."[13] In response to those accusations, during an interview on KERN" target="_blank">">KERN radio,[14] Ashburn stated that he is gay and that he believes "that my responsibility is to my constituents."[15][16] When asked during the interview whether he personally agreed with votes he made on gay rights issues, Ashburn didn't answer the question.[17]
Newsweek's" target="_blank">">Newsweek's June 7, 2010 issue's BACK STORY listed Ashburn, among others, as prominent conservative politician who has a record of anti-gay legislation and is later caught in a gay" target="_blank">">gay sex scandal.[18]
On April 14, 2010, Ashburn pled" title="Nolo contendere">no contest to the charge of driving" target="_blank">">driving under the influence in,_California" title="Sacramento County, California">Sacramento County Superior Court. He received a sentence of three years of informal probation" target="_blank">">probation and 48 hours in the county jail, though was given credit for one day for the night of his arrest and will serve the remaining day on a work project. Fines and other fees cost Ashburn $1,900 to $2,000.[19]


Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
and make them accountable
to We the People.