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Bauer, Gary

Accused Party Type
Official - Appointed
Accused Party Title
Chief Domestic Policy Advisor for Ronald Reagan
Court or Office
United States of America
Accused State
District of Columbia
State of Complaint
Types of Misconduct
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First published December 8, 2003
Claims to fame: Former Chief Domestic Policy Advisor under Ronald" target="_blank">">Ronald Reagan; unofficial Bush" target="_blank">">Bush II adviser; noxious president," target="_blank">Family Research Council; failed presidential candidate; anti-gay crusader
Moral apex: Lost nine staff workers, including campaign manager, who quit in protest of Bauer’s “inappropriate” behavior with 26-year-old deputy campaign manager.
Gary Lee Bauer (born May 4, 1946)[1] is an" title="United States">American politician" target="_blank">">politician notable for his ties to several" title="Evangelicalism">evangelical Christian" target="_blank">">Christian groups and campaigns. Bauer received a bachelor's degree from" title="Georgetown College (Kentucky)">Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky and a law degree from" title="Georgetown University Law Center">Georgetown University. He served as Ronald" target="_blank">">Ronald Reagan's" title="United States Secretary of Education">Undersecretary of Education from 1982 to 1987, and as an advisor on domestic policy from 1987 to 1988.[1] While serving under Reagan, he was named Chairman of President Reagan's Special Working Group on the Family. His report, "The Family: Preserving America's Future," was presented to the President in December 1986.[2]
Bauer served as the president of the Family" target="_blank">">Family Research Council from 1988-1999.[3] He resigned from this position to run for the" title="Republican Party (United States)">Republican Party nomination for President" target="_blank">">President of the United States. He dropped out of the race after the primaries in February 2000. In 1996, he founded the" title="Campaign for Working Families (page does not exist)">Campaign for Working Families (CWF), a" title="Political Action Committee">Political Action Committee dedicated to electing "pro-family, pro-life and pro-" title="Free enterprise">free enterprise" candidates to federal and state offices.[4] In addition to serving as the chairman of CWF, Bauer is also the president of" title="American Values (page does not exist)">American Values, a non-profit organization "committed to defending life, traditional marriage, and equipping our children with" conservative values.[5] He also serves on the Executive Board of Christians" target="_blank">">Christians United for Israel, a lobby group headed by John" target="_blank">">John Hagee.[6] Gary Bauer was one of the signers of the Statement of Principles of Project" target="_blank">">Project for the New American Century (PNAC) on June 3, 1997. He also serves on the board of the recently formed, right-wing Emergency" target="_blank">">Emergency Committee for Israel.


Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
and make them accountable
to We the People.