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Grethen, Mark A.

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Claims to fame: Virginia Republican activist; child molester

Moral apex: Convicted in 2002 on six counts of sex crimes against children — “two counts each of forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties.” [Virginian-Pilot, February 13, 2002]

Punch line: The National Republican Congressional Committee was about to present their “Republican of the Year” award to Grethen; of course, the committee withdrew the prize.

Divine pre-emptive intervention: A former postal worker, Grethen was unloading a mail truck when 600 pounds of mail fell on him, pinning his groin against the truck. This allegedly led to testicular cancer, rendering him sterile. (Unfortunately, the doctors were wrong; a decade later, Grethen was able to father several children.)

Memorable quote:

“Every time something big happens with my business, I have a child; which is really something, because I am not supposed to be able to have children.”

Things that make you go hmmm:

Welcome to the creative world of 13-year-old Matthew Crane, a bright, brown-eyed teenager whose towering computer savvy belies his diminutive stature. … For a year now, Matthew has been programming computers, assembling and repairing computer hardware and assisting Mark Grethen of Tidewater Information Group in unusual assignments — including crawling beneath a funeral home in the dead of night to install wiring for a network. … Grethen, who alternately tutors and puts Matt to work on Saturdays in his Suffolk office [said] “I have offered him an apprenticeship once he’s 15.” While most boys his age might be looking forward to the next soccer game or action-adventure movie, Matt eagerly awaits his turn at the computer helm alongside his mentor. … “Matthew is a very tactile learner,” his mother noted.

— Virginian-Pilot, June 27, 1996

Where he is now: Deep Meadow Correctional Center, serving a 26-year sentence estimated to end on September 25, 2024, after which he will be under supervised probation.

In 2005, Grethen appealed the final decree in the divorce filed by long-suffering wife Sandy, on the basis of a technicality — but failed to provide any supporting documents. Of course, he lost.



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