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Shuster, E.G. "Bud"

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Elmer Greinert "Bud" Shuster (born January 23, 1932) is an American politician who represented Pennsylvania in the United States House of Representatives as a Republican from 1973 to 2001. He is best known for his advocacy of transportation projects that critics deride as "pork barrel" spending.

In 1996, Shuster was the focus of an ethics investigation by the Congressional Accountability Project stemming from the complex relationship between Representative Shuster and former Shuster aide turned lobbyist Ann Eppard, and Rep. Shuster's interventions with federal agencies on behalf of a business partner of his sons.



Claims to fame: Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure

Moral apex: Shacked up with a transportation-industry lobbyist, put her on his payroll, and voted any way she wanted him to.

Or, as the Congressional Accountability Project put it in 2000: “Shuster is Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure. Ann Eppard is a top transportation lobbyist in Washington. She has built a lucrative and successful lobbying practice lobbying Chairman Shuster on matters pending before his Committee. Chairman Shuster employs Eppard as his campaign fundraiser, apparently raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds that have been diverted to personal use by both Shuster and Eppard. Shuster has paid Eppard a $3,000 monthly fee for these fundraising and campaign services. Shuster has regularly lodged with Eppard at her Virginia home, according to a report by the CBS News program 60 Minutes. The Congressional Accountability Project’s 1996 complaint showed that several of Eppard’s clients received generous favors and benefits from Chairman Shuster and the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. Since then, mounting evidence strongly suggests that the Shuster-Eppard partnership is an influence-peddling scheme that is readily exploited by corporations and special interests to gain influence in Congress. Many news reports show that Eppard has been remarkably successful in obtaining legislative favors and benefits from Chairman Shuster on behalf of her clients.”



Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
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