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John Eric Armstrong Might Be Released from the Ellis County Jail Today

Armstrong John Eric Before 200h

This is John Eric Armstrong at 450 pounds.  When he was unlawfully put into solitary confinement in the Ellis County Jail over a year ago, he weighed 212.  Now he weighs almost this much again.  He could be released today...

There is a hearing at 1:30 p.m. on September 22, 2021 in the 443rd District Court in Waxahachie, Texas.  John Eric Armstrong has been unlawfully locked up for 442 days.

The hearing is on a Petition for Habeas Corpus pursuant to Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 17.151, which provides: Art. 17.151. RELEASE BECAUSE OF DELAY.  Sec. 1. A defendant who is detained in jail pending trial of an accusation against him must be released either on personal bond or by reducing the amount of bail required, if the state is not ready for trial of the criminal action for which he is being detained within: (1) 90 days from the commencement of his detention if he is accused of a felony....

Ermatinger Cindy robe

Judge Cindy Ermatinger has ignored over 60 motions filed by John Eric Armstrong or his former attorneys, including a Motion for a Speedy Trial filed way back on 8/20/2020.  I've had the displeasure of dealing with Judge Cindy Ermatinger personally.  She's a corrupt judge.

John Eric Armstrong is all alone in a tiny cell with no human contact, no telephone, and not much more than bread and water provided to eat.  He can spend $50 when the Commissary Wagon comes by a few times a week.  He doesn't even have a light bulb, and he is denied the most fundamental of Constitutional rights.  Ellis County Texas has made it impossible for him to represent himself pro se.  He can't even see to read.

The stress of working in the corruption of the Ellis County Sheriff's Office at the Ellis County Jail caused John Eric Armstrong to explode to 450 pounds.  He quit after almost eight years.  Without surgery, just exercise and his own diet, John Eric Armstrong lost 250 pounds.  This is John, before and after.

Armstrong John Eric Before and After 640w

He weighed 212 pounds on the right.  Ironically, that's what he weighed when he was stuck in The Hole on 7/7/2020.  Now I am told he weighs almost as much as he did in this photo on the left...450.  It darn sure isn't from the Ellis County Jail food.  John Eric Armstrong has a medical condition that causes him to gain weight from stress hormones (Cortisol).

John Eric Armstrong could die in the Ellis County Jail.  Ellis County could murder him and get away with it.  So, you can't find fault with his efforts to be released.  But, there are several options.

On 8/19/2021, John Eric Armstrong, pro se, filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to demand his release pursuant to 
Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 17.151.  This should be a Golden Ticket for home, but on bail.

The most important thing John Eric Armstrong could do is to file a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court in Dallas seeking his release and full exoneration!  That's the Golden Ticket for home with nothing to worry about but the multi-million-dollar lawsuit he will file against Ellis County.  John Eric Armstrong has had the form in his cell since about 7/30/2021 because I got it for his mother when his so-called Standby Counsel, Ken Leatherman, failed to provide it.

All he has to do is hand it to a guard to be mailed.  The "Mailbox Rule" that applies to all incarcerated people in every jail and prison in America makes that filed at the date and time handed to a guard to be mailed.  That should stay the Ellis County case, and because of the extreme violations of his Constitutional rights, the federal court is supposed to act immediately.  Maybe five days, as I've been told.

This is his best shot at freedom because he will not be given a fair trial.  So, why in the world hasn't John Eric Armstrong filed his petition in federal court?  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  Go home today and then get 10 years in prison due to a totally corrupt conviction... or go home forever in a week or so.  This, folks, is what I classify as an absolute, unequivocal NO BRAINER.

I have been working with John Eric Armstrong's mother, Barbara Cochran, on these stories and a documentary film.  When she called me to say Judge Cindy Ermatinger set a hearing on Armstrong's Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to demand his release pursuant to Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 17.151, I told her Judge Cindy Ermatinger was preparing to screw, glue, and tattoo her son.  By releasing him on bond pursuant to 17.151, John Eric Armstrong loses his ability to file in federal court seeking full exoneration.  A prisoner in a state jail can only seek a federal Habeas Corpus when he is incarcerated.  Release him on bond, and he isn't incarcerated.  No shot at federal relief.  This is made clear right at the front of the form he has had in his cell for two months.

All of John Eric Armstrong's phone calls have been recorded and transcribed.  We know that because of letters to the Texas Attorney General from the Ellis County District Attorney.  And they've opened some of his mail.  So, they knew he was preparing to file a federal Habeas Corpus Petition.  A lightbulb went off in that dim head of Judge Cindy Ermatinger, and she realized she needed to let him out on bond to cut off his only option for full exoneration.  So, she scheduled today's hearing on John Eric Armstrong's Petition.

John Eric Armstrong still had enough wits about him to realize what Judge Cindy Ermatinger was doing.  So, he instructed his mother to file a Withdrawal of that Petition.  It was filed bright and early 9/17/2021.  Now there's nothing to be heard at the scheduled hearing.  There should be no hearing.  But most of us know that corrupt judges like Judge Cindy Ermatinger do whatever the Hell they want.  She's going to have HER hearing today, and I predict that John Eric Armstrong will be sent home on a Personal Recognizance Bond.  Bye Bye federal court.  Judge Cindy Ermatinger maintains control in an effort to screw Armstrong, protect herself, and protect Ellis County from a $100 million damage award.

John Eric Armstrong's mother has cut off communications with me because I expressed that her son doesn't have the brains God gave a rock.  Okay, harsh, but reasoning had failed.  I told her I won't have much of a documentary if John Eric Armstrong doesn't do what he needs to do to get exonerated.

So, what will happen today?  If John signs and puts his federal Habeas Corpus Petition in a stamped envelope, and hands it to a jailer, he has filed.  Judge Cindy Ermatinger should lose jurisdiction.  He should also be filing a Motion to Disqualify Judge Cindy Ermatinger.  I did back in 2015, and the Presiding Judge forced her to recuse herself.

If John Eric Armstrong doesn't file his federal Petition, he will probably be released on some form of bond today.  They don't make pills for stupid.  But at least he can have light, decent food, and his loving parents.  He can work on his case and continue to bang his head against the wall, but with a nicer wall.

prisoner slate com 640w


Imagine you were locked up and had no one to help.  You couldn't even get toothpaste or a cracker.  Then imagine the joy when they tell you that you have $5 on "your books."  At that moment, the impact on you will be profound.  Let's work together and brighten some dark days.  And I'll keep working night and day to expose the corruption there.  
Please help an Ellis County Jail prisoner buy something he or she wants or needs -- Spicy Nacho Chips, a pad of paper, toothpaste, or something to drink.  Give $5 to the GoFundMe Campaign.


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I invite anyone who disputes anything in these articles to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I shall be delighted to conduct a Zoom interview with anyone.  And I'd like to personally endorse AAA Bail Bonds if you get stuck in the pokey in Waxahachie, Texas.  I'd also like to advise everyone who needs an Ellis County attorney to run as fast as you can away from Mark Griffith, Kent McGuire, Rodney Pat Ramsey, Jeff King, Ken Leatherman, Chad Hughes, Makenzie Zarata, and Sarah Jacobs.

Bill Windsor was held in the Ellis County Texas Jail unlawfully for 53 days, so he loves the idea of helping bring down what he calls the Ellis County Mafia. 

Bill Windsor

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