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Just Like the Man who has Done Nothing Wrong by Hunter Tyler Schreck

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Hunter Tyler Schreck writes down thoughts and experiences. PLEASE READ THE TWO IMAGES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS STORY! THESE ARE COPIES OF TWO PAGES FROM HUNTER'S DIARY. Hunter Schreck printed these words after he was viciously beaten by a mob because he is Autistic and has Asperger's. I'm still crying. Here's the Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit.

Hunter was diagnosed with autism at age 5. He was recently diagnosed with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury suffered when a mob decided to get him after a volleyball game.

Multiple members of the mob called and reported Hunter for "suspicious behavior." Some of his haters are members of the Pentecostal Church where they talk in tongues and play with snakes. As many as 15 members of the Amarillo Police Department appeared from out of the dark. Hunter was cussed, beaten, kicked, and shot 34 times with 50,000-volt Taser Guns.

Hunter begged for his life.

Hunter has "never done nothing wrong." He's a gentle soul who loves the Bible, and he thought of Paul and Silas as he was put in jail for "assault on a police officer" because they claimed their fists were hurt when they beat Hunter.

Hunter Schreck was thrust into a full-blown panic attack today when Judge Dan L. Schaap ordered Hunter to go to the jail in Amarillo to undergo an "incompetency evaluation" by Dr. Gina Matteson, an examination requested by his Public Pretender (W. Brooks Barfield) who has never even spoken to Hunter.

Dr. Gina Matteson and the jail refused to allow Hunter's mother,
Marcie Schreck, to be with him. She has his full Power of Attorney, which includes her presence at torture such as this. Judge Dan L. Schaap claims the Texas statute-provided Power of Attorney gives Marcie essentially no rights. He is, of course, wrong.

The people at the jail became very abusive when Hunter refused to go into a dark room all alone. He was threatened. Marcie asked if she could speak privately with Hunter for a few minutes.

They sat down away from the evildoers, and she told him she was doing everything she could to protect him, but it looked like he had only two options. They could leave, but if they did, Judge Dan L. Schaap had already threatened to revoke his bond, have him arrested, and increase his bond. Or, he could go in and answer Dr. Gina Matteson's questions, and then Mom would be able to take him home.

Hunter made his decision. He would go in.

He was suffering from terrible anxiety, and he is very slow to process information at any time, but certainly in that situation. Hunter is smart; he just has a disability. He had read Judge Dan L. Schaap's order, but he couldn't comprehend how any decent human being would force him to go to the "home" of the mob that beat his brains in. Marcie told him she would be right outside the door.

Hunter lifted his 6'5" body out of the chair, planted his size 16 feet as firmly on the ground as he could, and trembled in.

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Hunter spent four minutes on a Zoom call with Dr. Gina Matteson.

When he came out, Marcie and Hunter left quickly. Marcie asked Hunter: "What happened?" Hunter said he went in and stood in front of a camera with lights on him. Dr. Gina Matteson asked his name. He answered "Hunter Tyler Schreck." She then proceeded to ask him additional questions.

Marcie asked: "What did she ask, and what did you answer?" Hunter looked at his mother and said: "I know my rights. I plead the Fifth."

To every question asked, Hunter replied "I plead the Fifth."

How tall are you? "I plead the Fifth."

Do you like jellybeans? "I plead the Fifth."

It only took Dr. Gina L. Matteson four minutes to realize she wasn't going to get any other answer from Hunter Schreck. I can't help but wonder if Dr. Gina L. Matteson had to report that he knew Constitutional law, so he must be competent. Hunter was ordered to be there, but he wasn't ordered to answer in a specific way, so he chose The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

"Just like the man who has done nothing wrong," Hunter will do his best with his Autism, Asperger's, and Traumatic Brain Injury to prove his innocence as a punching bag and Taser Target. You can bet his journal entry will be available for the jury!

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Bill Windsor went to high school and college in Lubbock, Texas -- just a short drive from Amarillo, Texas.  This gives him a special interest in exposing the scum in the area of the country that he has loved so much. 

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Bill Windsor

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