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Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 -- Hunter Tyler Schreck has filed a Mega-Million federal lawsuit in Amarillo, Texas for violation of his Constitutional rights. Hunter was almost murdered on June 24, 2020 by as many as 15 Amarillo, Texas Police officers and civilians. Hunter had done absolutely nothing. This is Chapter 2 of the story -- quotes directly from the verified complaint.

Hunter Schreck has filed his lawsuit pro se. He has named 58 Defendants and 100 John Doe Defendants (gangsters he will identify in discovery). If you want to read it all now, here is Civil Action No. 2-21CV-220-Z - Schreck v City of Amarillo, Et al. - Verified Complaint2-21CV-220-Z - Schreck v City of Amarillo, Et al. - Verified Complaint.

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Civil Action No. 2-21-CV-220-Z


1.                 After dinner on June 24, 2020 at approximately 7:30 p.m., HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK went to John Stiff Memorial Park (“STIFF PARK”) at 4800 Bell in Amarillo, Randall County, which is near the Schreck’s home.  He intended to try to join a volleyball game, which he has done at least eight times before without problems.  Since HUNTER is a quiet and shy man, he watches the game from the sidelines and throws back any balls that leave the court to show he’s interested and to indicate he’d welcome an invitation to play.  He always seeks to join a group appropriate to his age.  He was 26-years-old.  HUNTER is an exceptional athlete, and no one in their right mind would choose anyone else to be on their team.

2.                 Hunter Schreck identified himself to a young man in his twenties, like him, who was in or near a game.  HUNTER learned his name was Christian Morgan.  Another man who appeared to be in his 40’s said it was a Christian group.  HUNTER asked the general ages in the group to make sure it was appropriate.  Christian Morgan told the older man HUNTER asked about the ages of the girls, which is absolutely false.  The older man, Chris Burroughs, said HUNTER was not welcome to play based on the incorrect information he was given.  Chris Burroughs told HUNTER he could come back next Sunday night and play volleyball with them.

3.                 HUNTER thanked Chris Burroughs and left.  HUNTER later learned that Chris Burroughs called the Amarillo Police Department non-emergency number.

4.                 HUNTER headed to the second game and watched, threw back balls that had left the court, and hoped for an invitation to play.  Two girls seemed to tease him by speaking to each other about whether he wanted to play or not, though loud enough it seemed directed at HUNTER.  He didn’t respond because it was not a clear invitation.

5.                 Upon information and belief, ANGELICA ESPARZA was one of the two girls.  The PLAINTIFF is currently too traumatized to review photos for identification.


6.                 Suddenly a man in the 6/24/2020 volleyball game yelled, seemingly at HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK, “You are TRASH!”  HUNTER didn’t know the man.  He didn’t recall ever seeing him before.  HUNTER ignored him because he didn’t want any trouble, and he’d been bullied throughout his life because his medical condition makes him different.  HUNTER has never done anything in his life that would cause anyone to call him TRASH.

7.                 Upon information and belief, this was the Criminal Racketeering Organization’s effort to launch their plan.

8.                 EXHIBIT 102 is a dictation from the PLAINTIFF to Marcie Schreck of the events of 6/24/2020.  This was obtained not long after the attempted murder on 6/24/2020.  Anyone who reads this will be shocked by what happened to HUNTER.  It’s unimaginable.

9.                 Since it was getting dark and HUNTER hadn’t gotten an invitation to play, as he had every time before, he prepared to head home.  As he started to leave at approximately 9:30 p.m., a man HUNTER didn’t know yelled for him to “Come over here!”  HUNTER wasn’t sure he was even addressing him.  HUNTER heard many loud voices, and he yelled again, even louder “Come over here!”  HUNTER wasn’t sure what was going on so he replied, “No, I will stand right here.”  HUNTER looked around and wondered if they were police. 

10.             It seems DANIEL RIVERA had secretly appeared in the crowd on the other side of the volleyball court.

11.             Once before at Pastor Nathan Carrington’s, police were called on Hunter because people didn’t understand him.  Five (5) police cars showed up with sirens blaring.  This time it was a sneak attack, however.  HUNTER saw no police cars or flashing lights.  He heard no sirens.  HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK has a neurocognitive auditory processing disorder, sensory (touch) issues, hearing loss, and sensory aphasia, etc., which people do not understand and can jump to ignorant conclusions about why he seems “different” and assume he’s a threat when he’s not and never has been.   

12.             Assumptions are made by police despite the fact HUNTER has never broken the law, had no criminal record, is a law-abiding and Christian man.  Amarillo and Randall County law enforcement, out of arrogant ignorance, have unilaterally decided “different” or “unusual” is the very same as “a threat” and even embellished these assumptions and gossip they spread to the community without the benefit of any medical expertise whatsoever, to include “dangerous” and “violent” as well, which actually endangers HUNTER and people like him.  In response to police fear and hate mongering, neighbors and other citizens have taken it upon themselves to call in exaggerated or falsified reports on HUNTER to prompt visit after visit by police to his family without cause, as a means to harass and intimidate the family under the guise of “wellness checks.”

13.             Office bullying by multiple people is very similar and has been documented and recognized as an adult bullying phenomenon for years called “Mobbing.” 

14.             As an example of neighborhood mobbing, a neighbor “threatened to report Hunter to the police” in January 2019 for walking his service dog, Delilah, on the public sidewalk, which he has a right to do and is a very normal activity.  Then two restaurants that HUNTER had patronized for months with no problem, suddenly took exception to his patronage.  One, the Pancake Station, had police tell HUNTER he could no longer eat there “because (they had heard) he was violent” though there’s no incident there or anywhere else, to back that accusation.  The restaurant Cheddar’s just suddenly refused to give HUNTER his change after he paid them and then told him he was barred from coming back ever again because he was violent, when he had only asked for his correct change.  This happened a week before the incident at Stiff Park where police were called on HUNTER for hoping to join a volleyball game.

15.             In a different incident at Stiff Park, a man HUNTER had never seen before pulled a gun on him and accused his service dog of attacking other dogs.  HUNTER told him, no sir, Delilah is just playing.

16.             When HUNTER sees other people concerned by his behavior and calling the police, he leaves quickly.

17.             In October 2019, a neighbor man told Marcie Schreck “Hunter wants to fight.”  This is a total lie!

18.             HUNTER was walking his dog one day, and he saw a neighbor man jump in his car and make several passes like he was going to run down Delilah and HUNTER with his car.

19.             In another incident, on May 15, 2020, a well-dressed man in a suit knocked on the Schreck’s door.  He identified himself as an agent with the DOD and asked if we knew a neighbor named Blake Hume, who he said was a military contractor, and that an investigation was being conducted.  A neighbor later told Marcie Schreck that HUNTER was being investigated - not the contractor.

20.             Upon information and belief, HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK went to STIFF PARK at approximately 7:30 p.m. on June 24, 2020.

21.             Marcie Schreck was able to view at the office of W. BROOKS BARFIELD an AMARILLO POLICE DEPARTMENT video of some of what happened at approximately 10:00 p.m. on 6/24/2020.  She had a tape recorder in her pocket.  W. BROOKS BARFIELD has refused to turn over any of the evidence to the Schrecks.  EXHIBIT 98 is her transcription of 32:45 of what she could understand on the recording.  There were no sirens, no lights, no police cars, no police introduction.

Rivera Daniel 200w  
                 Daniel Rivera  

Amarillo Police Officer Daniel Rivera appears out of the darkness

This is from EXHIBIT 98:

00:00 -- In regard to the false arrest incident and provocation in STIFF PARK, I feel they purposely took advantage of my being alone to set me up.  When a man later identified as Daniel Rivera began yelling at me, there was nothing lawful about it.  He did not identify himself.  I had no point of reference as to why he would be yelling at me or addressing me at all.  I was not entirely sure of what he was saying or what his intentions were.  I was a free man, conducting normal activity at STIFF PARK, why was I under scrutiny and being yelled at?

00:30 -- Officer Daniel Rivera went from taunting Hunter to saying, “May I speak with you!” in a loud tone.

Officer Daniel Rivera asked for my ID.  I complied only to watch him mock me and pin it to his own badge for unknown reasons.  He made faces at me.  Though I asked for my driver’s license to be returned to me, he did not. 

I was never told why I was being detained.  I told Officer Daniel Rivera that I would give him my license, but I was not going to be detained.  I told him I had done nothing wrong.  I was not being arrested.  I was never charged with a crime.  I was never read my Miranda rights as I knew was required.

01:28 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: I did nothing wrong. 

01:45 – OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: Like I said, we got a call.

HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: Whoever made that call, go talk to them.

OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: Will you stop talking?  Let me explain it to you.  Will you let me talk?  Like I said, we got a call that you are making people uncomfortable…

01:57 -- … so that’s why I’m here to talk to you.


02:00 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: Yes, sir, and whoever said that, you should go speak to them, go to them probably

02:04 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: That’s them saying that – not me.

02:09 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: I’ve not made one person feel uncomfortable this evening.

02:13 -- OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: Obviously you made someone uncomfortable if they called on you.  That’s why we are here to talk to you.

02:16 -- OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: Do you have any weapons on you?

02:18 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: No, sir.

OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: I’m gonna pat you down.  Hold on a second…


HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: Wait a minute.  Read me my rights.  I want to know my rights before you touch me.

02:26 -- OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: I’m going to pat you down, do you understand?  I’m going to be taking you to the ground.

HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: I will not be handled like this as a man…

OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: Do you understand?  You are being aggressive.

HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: You may, but by law, read me my rights.

OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA: I’m gonna pat you down for weapons.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?


02:36 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: (Yelling loudly) No, sir. No, sir.  No, sir.  No.  No.  No.  That’s wrong.  You’re wrong.  You’re wrong.  (Shouting loudly) YOU’RE WRONG.

02:46 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: Stop.  Stop.  Stop.  You did me wrong.  You did me wrong.  You did me wrong.

03:06 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: Don’t kill me.  You’re trying to kill me.

03:27 – HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK: Please do not kill me.

03:39 – [Sounds like a young girl begins to cry – keeps crying.]  SAMANTHA WILSON: Obviously it’s very traumatizing to see this happening – a child crying/watching.

03:49 -- SAMANTHA WILSON: I’m sure it’s very traumatizing to watch something so violent.

04:41 – MARCIE SCHRECK: Like Samantha Fontenot in her Affidavit states: “I just want ya’ll to know, I did not have my bodycam running.”  So, it’s clear both RIVERA, his camera “flying off” and SAMANTHA’S not running – conveniently for police not to show their crimes.



06:09 – [Sirens heard coming.]


06:48 – SAMANTHA FONTENOT: Do it now.

22.             Hunter Tyler Schreck had every right to ask questions.  He was told they were there in response to a 911 call, but he was given no details as to what in the world he was reported for other than OFFICER DANIEL RIVERA saying “you are making people uncomfortable.”  Later, the Schrecks found out a girl reported Hunter.  The Schrecks have not been able to see the 911 Call Report.

23.             The Schrecks learned that Chris Burroughs called the Amarillo Police Department and reported that Hunter was watching at a distance.  The PLAINTIFF now believes Angelica Esparza was working with the AMARILLO POLICE DEPARTMENT, JUBILEE APOSTOLIC CHURCH, the PENTECOSTAL defendants, and the volleyball defendants to try to entrap Hunter Tyler Schreck, but he never did anything wrong.  Angelica Esparza’s Facebook page has featured Randall County mugshots, and she is friends with people who were at STIFF PARK, and she reported Hunter Tyler Schreck to the AMARILLO POLICE DEPARTMENT for cyber terrorism for posting on the JUBILEE APOSTOLIC CHURCH website.  The RANDALL COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY has the posting, but the Schrecks have been denied this evidence.

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24.             Then Officer Daniel Rivera suddenly and very forcefully tried to pull HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK’S arms behind his back as if to cuff him when he had offered no resistance.  Hunter had only asked questions about what was going on.  The assault was so sudden and violent that HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK feared for his life.  He was given no options, no answers, no explanations.  It was as if Officer Daniel Rivera was using a flimsy pretext to try to seriously harm or kill Hunter “under color of law.”  He did not speak with Hunter to any extent to assess the situation; he just attacked.  Hunter’s body went into self-defense mode instinctively, and he put up his hands and arms to deflect the blows.  Officer Daniel Rivera beat and Tasered the PLAINTIFF with the AXON 26 Taser.

Amarillo police officers who knew of hunter tyler schreck’s mental disabilities participated in beating HIM, tasering him, AND ATTEMPTING TO MURDER HIM

25.             Multiple other officers, including OFFICER Matthew Brush, and 10 - 11 other officers were there for the ambush, and approximately three civilians were outrageously allowed to kick and hit Hunter with full force in the back and neck, which could have been crippling or lethal.  Hunter begged for help, begged not to be murdered for what appeared to have been a false 911 call by an unknown girl claiming normal activity like trying to join in a volleyball game was somehow criminal or threatening.  Upon information and belief, OFFICER Allison Muncell was there during Hunter’s beating at STIFF PARK,

26.             Officer Daniel Rivera then pushed Hunter backwards, kicking him with hard boots.  He stepped away as if to shoot him, so Hunter got on his knees and begged to not be shot.  His unreasonable anger and his cursing Hunter indicated he was out of control and very dangerous.  Officer Daniel Rivera Tasered Hunter in the chest, which is especially dangerous since he has a heart condition.

27.             It was when Hunter was begging for his life that other police showed up and joined in Tasering and beating him as he was rolling around on the ground in excruciating pain.  There was no de-escalation.  They claimed Hunter was resisting arrest. 

28.              HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK was Tasered so much he can’t tell you exactly how many times.  Maybe 30 plus times. [EXHIBITS 108 to 125 are photos taken after he was released from the RANDALL COUNTY JAIL.

29.             HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK later learned he was going to be charged with assault on a police officer, not for the lesser “resisting arrest” charge.  By trying to not be murdered in a full-on mob assault for no discernible reason, Hunter was not “resisting lawful arrest.”  There was nothing lawful about it.  Proper protocol was not followed.  Hunter begged help from bystanders who could tell you, what they were watching was police out of control.  The Schrecks believe a girl, perhaps the daughter of Chris Boroughs, was seen sobbing on police video, so the PLAINTIFF needs to speak with her.

30.             Apparently in his police report, Officer Daniel Rivera stated that Hunter had tried to force his hands behind his back.  That’s a blatant lie. 

31.             In yet another example of improper police conduct, Officer Daniel Rivera drive / dry stunned Hunter in the neck multiple times, which was not only excruciatingly painful, but potentially lethal.  Officer Daniel Rivera said two male civilians grabbed Hunter and held him down.  Hunter was repeatedly Tasered in the back and neck, with the Tasers being held as long as possible.

32.             This was done despite a court ruling in Texas on July 6, 2016 that Tasers are to be considered lethal weapons and not used for anything less than self-defense by officers and certainly not for a “resisting arrest” charge.

33.             The March 2017 United Nations Mental Health and Human Rights Report that persons with psychosocial disabilities with accompanying mental health conditions, are to be accorded their rights to freedom without interference, without torture, without nonconsensual medical treatment, and with access to a healthcare system that provides them with a quality of opportunity to attain and maintain the highest quality of health possible.

34.             HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK was denied those rights.  He has a right to “personal integrity,” a concept that should provide him and other victims legal redress and remedies.

35.             In complete opposition to this, Hunter has been forcefully institutionalized, abused, tortured, and subjected to violence.  The PLAINTIFF’s right to due process has been abrogated by being forcefully institutionalized and deprived of his liberty.  Even human rights organizations have come out against the use of Tasers on people with disabilities as abhorrent and cruel.

36.             Families in an “enlightened society” naturally support these objections. 

37.             NBC News has reported that “For people with heart problems or serious medical conditions, as many as 50,000 volts in a single shot from a Taser could turn fatal.” [EXHIBIT 126.]  Hunter was Tasered approximately 30 times – 1,500,000 volts.  It’s a miracle he’s alive.  Thank you, Lord.

38.             The use of Tasers on a person with significant psychological distress is believed to cause “Systemic trauma.”  This is not at all in line with mental health directives affording someone in a mental health crisis, “compassionate crisis response.”  Hunter repeatedly asked for medical, mental, and emotional support from Amarillo Exceptional Emergency and BSA in accordance with Texas law.

39.             It would seem the police view Hunter as a problem, not a person with developmental problems to whom to offer proper understanding and social programs to help him cope, but rather as a pest they just want to be rid of by repeatedly painting him in a false light and driving his family out of the community any way they can by killing him or fraudulently incarcerating Hunter with the use of vigilantes encouraged to bear false witness against him. 

40.             After the AMARILLO POLICE DEPARTMENT finished Tasering Hunter and failed in their murder attempt, they again resumed beating him, shoving his face into the sand, suffocating him, as well as choking him.  He could have died.  It’s a miracle he’s not dead.

volleyball court 640w

civilian volleyball players participated in beating and tasering hunter tyler schreck

41.             Third parties, not even law enforcement, were allowed to beat and kick Hunter in the neck and spine which could have crippled if not killed him.  Multiple civilians who assaulted Hunter will be shown on bodycams and dashcams that the Schrecks have been unable to obtain.

42.             The Tasering itself done to HUNTER TYLER SCHRECK at STIFF PARK on June, 24, 2020 was done in a grossly negligent manner, subjecting him to 50,000 volts of electricity on each Tase.  Then after that, an officer callously jerked out many, but not all, of the Taser leads, and hooks were still in Hunter’s body causing him substantially more pain.  When the ambulance arrived, they then went about hooking Hunter to another machine without explaining to him at all what it was or why they were doing so, which furthered Hunter’s anxiety and trauma that he would be killed.  The Schrecks later learned that no medical was given.  Hunter asked to be taken to the hospital, but the ambulance refused him.  They reported later that Hunter refused to go to the hospital, which is absolutely false.

43.             After being taken to jail, they seemed to purposely leave one Taser point in Hunter’s back and left the handcuffs on him for hours even when he asked for them to remedy both situations.  The handcuffs were especially tight, and this exacerbated the pain in Hunter’s shoulder that was dislocated in the unwarranted beat-down.  The pain was so intense it caused Hunter to moan.  Police officers at the jail only mocked Hunter, mimicked his moans, and told him he deserved it.

44.             Hunter remembers as he sat in the police car, he looked at the screen and saw what appeared to be a “Suspicious Activity Report” (SARS).  From other accounts by victims, this apparently is a carte blanche to set-up and persecute certain people claiming them to be “suspicious persons” and then using color of law to trample their rights and purposely put them in the worst light possible to justify their persecution and abuse.

45.             As Hunter felt he was passing out, he was yanked off the ground by police officers; there were at least four around him all the time.  Within the week, Hunter’s mother begged Sergeant Anthony Merryman to not allow the AMARILLO POLICE DEPARTMENT to murder Hunter.  He said he had reviewed bodycam footage, though not OFFICER Daniel Rivera’s, claiming his bodycam had fallen off.  Yet, OFFICER Daniel Rivera’s dashcam had good footage, but police edited out the cursing, so what else did they edit out? 

46.             Sergeant Anthony Merryman said all bodycams of police involved were running but the Schreck family has no right to it since there is an on-going investigation, though an attorney could demand access.  Hunter is pro se and has demanded the videos, but he has been denied everything.

47.             Apparently, the Amarillo Police Department Internal Affairs investigation cleared police involved of brutality.  RIDICULOUS!  The Schrecks want full footage, no edits.  Hunter’s mother spoke to Detective Shea Litchie who told her, “You will see Hunter fought to the very end.”  He did not then mention anything about OFFICER Daniel Rivera’s bodycam falling off, but four months later, after footage supposedly was reviewed by internal affairs, they ruled “no excessive force was used and there was no police brutality.”  It was then that Sergeant Anthony Merryman declared that OFFICER Daniel Rivera’s bodycam (showing how the violence commenced) had fallen off (and was, conveniently for the police, unavailable).  The Schrecks seek an independent review of this from non-biased, third parties.

48.             The AMARILLO POLICE DEPARTMENT Internal Affairs officers are all to be identified as DOE Defendants.

49.             “No excessive force was used and there was no police brutality.”  The PLAINTIFF wants those words ringing in the jury’s ear as they decide how to send the proper message to these heathens.

(to be continued....)

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