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It's the Belt - Marcie Schreck aka MOMMA SCHRECK reveals a Trick of the Trade

Belt cropped 200w

Marcie Schreck has had a SECRET WEAPON in her battle for her son, Hunter Tyler Schreck. She has recorded everything with hidden recording devices. Now MOMMA SCHRECK explains that a little acting can go a long way when trying to protect your children from corrupt law enforcement people and sicko judges...

Here's the Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit. Fortunately and unfortunately, it has revealed Marcie Schreck's SECRET WEAPON:

Hunter is Autistic. He has filed a pro se Mega-Million-Dollar federal lawsuit in Amarillo, Texas for violation of his Constitutional rights. Hunter was almost murdered on June 24, 2020 by as many as 15 Amarillo, Texas Police officers and civilians. Hunter had done absolutely nothing.

Marcie's secret weapon is that she
and Hunter Tyler Schreck have secretly recorded EVERYTHING.

And I do mean everything. Rumor has it she even planted a recording device in the men's rooms at the jail and courthouse to catch these crooks when their guards (and pants) are down. It's just a rumor, but it is fun to think about. Texas is a one-party state, so she'd have to be hiding in a stall to give her permission. LMFAO!

voice recorder tiny 500w

Now, here's the next trick MOMMA SHRECK has up her sleeve...or around her or Hunter Schreck's waist.

Belt 640w

Hunter Schreck was forced to go to the Randall County Jail, home of 15 Amarillo Police Department officers who attempted to murder him for being Autistic.

As Hunter went through their metal detector, it beeped. Sergeant Wright grabbed the wand and ran it across Hunter's body. It beeped.

Always armed with a plan, MOMMA SCHRECK hollers out: "Oh No, it's that darn belt!" Sergeant Wright asked Hunter to roll up his shirt, and there was the belt.

This, of course, distracted them from the tape recorder in his left front T-shirt pocket. They'd already frisked him twice (unlawfully), so they let him in.

Hunter succeeded in recording the entire event. Here's a transcript of the recording.

My favorite line:

"My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth."

"My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth."

"My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth."

"My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth."

"My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth."

"My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth."

Here's the
Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit. It's a story normal people will find hard to believe, but it's all true. If you tend to cry, grab a box of tissues before you start reading.

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Bill Windsor went to high school and college in Lubbock, Texas -- just a short drive from Amarillo, Texas.  This gives him a special interest in exposing the scum in the area of the country that he has loved so much. 

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Bill Windsor

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