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Beware of W Brooks Barfield - Public Pretender in Amarillo Texas - Hunter Tyler Schreck Case

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This is W. Brooks Barfield. If you need an attorney in Amarillo, Texas, you do not want W. Brooks Barfield. He is a Public Pretender, paid by Randall County Texas. Here's the Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit.

I believe W. Brooks Barfield works against his court-ordered clients and in favor of the Randall County District Attorney's Office, the judges, and the Amarillo Police Department. Run as far and as fast as you can to get away from W. Brooks Barfield...unless you want you or your child committed to an insane asylum.

Hunter Tyler Schreck suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury from a police beating in which at least five civilians participated. Hunter Tyler Schreck is disabled. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder, sometimes called Asperger's; a Neurocognitive, Auditory, Processing Disorder; Pervasive Development Disorder; Sensory Aphasia (language impairment; sensory (touch) issues; hearing loss, and more.

On June 24, 2020, as Hunter Schreck was leaving a volleyball game in a park, someone from the dark called him "TRASH." He was then attacked. Daniel Rivera beat and Tasered Hunter Schreck with the 50,000-volt AXON 26 Taser.

Multiple other officers appeared, including Allison Muncell, Matthew Brush, and 10 to 11 others who were watching on the sidelines. Hunter Tyler Schreck was unarmed and committed no crime.

At least three civilians were outrageously allowed to kick and hit Hunter in the back and neck, which could have been crippling or lethal. Hunter Tyler Schreck begged for help, begged not to be murdered for politely trying to join in a volleyball game.

Daniel Rivera then pushed Hunter backwards, kicked him with hard boots. He stepped back as if to shoot him, so Hunter got on his knees and begged for his life.

Daniel Rivera's unreasonable anger and cursing indicated to Hunter Schreck that he was out of control and very dangerous. He Tasered Hunter Schreck in the chest, which is especially dangerous since Hunter Schreck has a heart condition. When he was begging for his life, other Amarillo Police officers showed up and joined in Tasering and beating Hunter as he was rolling around on the ground in excruciating pain. Of course, his instincts told him to block the assaults as much as he could.

Hunter Tyler Schreck was Tasered so much he can’t be sure exactly how many times. Maybe 30 plus times. The Randall County District Attorney charged Hunter Tyler Schreck with two felony counts of assault for grabbing a police officer's arm during the senseless beating.

At 50,000 volts per shot, Hunter Schreck absorbed one-and-a-half-million volts of electricity.

The Amarillo Police and other authorities were well aware of Hunter Tyler Schreck's medical disabilities.

Police beat him so badly that he now has a SEVERE Traumatic Brain Injury.
He has been indicted by a Randall County Grand Jury for assault on a police officer when his head and body were hit by their weapons and fists.

Barfield Brooks desk

Judge Dan L. Schaap appointed W. Brooks Barfield to be Hunter Tyler Schreck's Public Defender (aka Public Pretender). W. Brooks Barfield did absolutely nothing from the 1/12/2021 Order appointing him until Hunter's mother insisted on a meeting in September 2021.

W. Brooks Barfield responded to an email from Marcie Schreck informing him that Hunter Tyler Schreck had been diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury he suffered from the assault.  W. Brooks Barfield asked that Marcie bring Hunter in to his office on 9/8/2021, so he could "lay eyes on him."  Hunter and Marcie Schreck BOTH went to his office.  W. Brooks Barfield never spoke to Hunter, never addressed Hunter, and never tried to engage Hunter.  This was very upsetting to Hunter, and he told his mother that W. Brooks Barfield wasn’t working in his best interest and that he did not want him.  Marcie and Hunter were not even invited into the private office of W. Brooks Barfield; they “spoke” in the lobby.   Marcie Schreck asked W. Brooks Barfield if he considered Hunter Tyler Schreck incompetent.  W. Brooks Barfield said, “NO.”  He said with a diagnosis of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury ("TBI"), Hunter wasn’t even a candidate for Mental Health Court. 

W. Brooks Barfield did nothing in this case until 9/20/2021 when he filed a
Motion Suggesting Incompetency.  This was filed without discussion with Hunter Tyler Schreck or Marcie Schreck, who has his Power of Attorney.  This was filed against the expressed notice to W. Brooks Barfield that no such attempts were to be made.  This was filed 12 days after W. Brooks Barfield told Hunter Tyler Schreck and Marcie Schreck that he did not consider him incompetent.  This was filed when W. Brooks Barfield has never even heard the Hunter Tyler Schreck’s voice.

Hunter Tyler Schreck cannot trust W. Brooks Barfield.  Hunter Tyler Schreck refuses to work with W. Brooks Barfield.

Hunter Tyler Schreck and Marcie Schreck terminated W. Brooks Barfield on October 12, 2021. But W. Brooks Barfield refuses to go away.

On September 29, 2021, the REGISTER OF ACTIONS in Case No. 30487A shows a MOTION SUGGESTING INCOMPETENCY was docketed.  Neither
Hunter Tyler Schreck nor Marcie Schreck knew anything about this.  This is an outrage by W. Brooks Barfield, and Hunter Tyler Schreck and Marcie Schreck will file a Bar Complaint against him.  Marcie Schreck was able to obtain a copy of this outrageous motion from the Court Clerk when she asked for copies of everything on 10/12/2021. [EXHIBIT 14.]

Schaap Judge Dan 900w
                           Judge Dan L. Schaap

Hunter Tyler Schreck and Marcie Schreck filed a Notice of Withdrawal of this unauthorized motion that W. Brooks Barfield claimed was filed by Hunter Tyler Schreck. Unfortunately, Judge Dan L. Schaap has ignored the Termination of W. Brooks Barfield, the withdrawal of the fraudulent motion, and the Motion for Reconsideration. On 10/14/2021, Judge Dan L. Schaap ordered Hunter Schreck to appear at the Amarillo Jail on October 20, 2021 to be examined for "incompetency" by Dr. Gina L. Matteson. [10/14/2021 ORDER.]

Hunter Tyler Schreck and Marcie Schreck filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the 10/4/2021 Order, but Judge Dan Schaap did not act on the emergency motion. Judge Schaap's staff has treated Marcie Schreck like human garbage.

There are significant new developments with W. Brooks Barfield. Slimy, scumbag, bottom-feeder, doing everything he can to get Hunter Schreck put into an insane Asylum.


Bill Windsor went to high school and college in Lubbock, Texas -- just a short drive from Amarillo, Texas.  This gives him a special interest in exposing the scum in the area of the country that he has loved so much. 

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Bill Windsor

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