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What are the Objectives and Strategies for GRIP? -- GRIP Part 4


In a business plan, you establish goals.  Then you identify the objectives needed to reach those goals.  Last but not least come the individual strategies, tactics, and to-do items necessary to accomplish the objectives.

If you do a good job of planning and execute well, when you accomplish each objective, you should realize your goals.

GRIP is now soliciting ideas, and from these ideas, the GRIP Steering Committee wil finalize the plan.

I offer these ideas as a starting point.  These were the objectives and strategies that I put together 10 months ago with input from hundreds of viewers of the Lawless America Online TV Show.

1.   Be absolutely nonpartisan and neutral about anything except dishonesty in government and violation of our most basic rights as Americans.

We take this approach because our best hope to attract the numbers needed for change is by appealing to the greatest number of people. Our issues are issues that should appeal to every honest American.

2.   Bring concerned citizens groups together in an alliance to combat dishonesty and corruption.

While we will seek one supporter at a time, we can accomplish far more and much faster if we gain the support of groups that already have a base of supporters.

A coalition can assist all in their causes while building necessary strength as a group.

We will function in some ways as a co-operative.

We offer something that virtually everyone can support: Honesty in government, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

Independently, few of us will reach our goals.


3.   Focus on one common goal while individually pursuing personal causes.

We offer something that virtually everyone can support.  The only people who could oppose honesty, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are the dishonest and corrupt.

Independently, few of us will ever reach our goals.

Every specific effort to combat corruption and dishonesty needs to continue as before.  All we seek is for everyone to rally around the effort to address the fundamental problem, which is dishonesty in government and erosion of our most fundamental rights.

We will have some very specific efforts that we will undertake, but we must focus in the fundamental problem.  If we get honest people in government and have a system of accountability, we can sole most of the special causes that we all have.

4.   Gain commitment from supporters.


5.   Get publicity.



6.   Replace politicians who won’t do right with those who will.


7.   Once we have political, clout, pursue specific agendas/causes.


Assorted Ideas

  1. Money. We can accomplish a lot without money, but we could accomplish oh so much more with money. We need a foundation or a benefactor. The first thing I would spend money on would be $1,500 a week to send out a news release on PR Newswire that will reach all the mainstream media nationally. These releases will at least get posted on their online sites. Then I would register all of the domain names ($15 per domain) that we need to build an overwhelming network of anti-corruption websites. If we could get enough money to hire a staff of four, I could show them how to attack the database of 4,000+ associations, groups, websites, and bloggers to get commitments to the GRIP coalition. If we had money, we should from as a non-profit.
  2. Pursue grand jury efforts in every state.
  3. Get every Senator and Congressman written by one of their constituents demanding hearings by the judiciary committees. If no one does anything, file a Petition for Writ of Mandamus in the Supreme Court with as many Plaintiffs as possible.
  4. Get celebrities to endorse our plan.
  5. Find one Congressman who will begin impeachment proceedings.
  6. Get the TeaParty to adopt our platform.
  7. We need something BIG to gain attention.
  8. Get a major candidate to sign our Contract
  9. Newt Gingrich has made some strong statements about the need to clean up government and judicial corruption, so perhaps we can contact his campaign with information about corruption that Newt could use to bolster his campaign.
  10. Dr. Joseph Zernik believes we should boycott voting and secede.
  11. Janet Phelan has an Occupy the Courts idea.
  12. Many agree that we need a grand slam homerun "celebrity" to take up the cause.  Oprah?  Michael Moore?  Matt Damon?  George Clooney?  Fred Thompson?
  13. Can we get a movie produced?  A strong documentary or movie could get a lot of attention.
  14. We should send letters to a lot of people trying to find some key supporters from the entertainment business, media, judges all over the country, attorneys, ???
  15. Picket! When I began as a salesperson, one of the first lessons I learned was by way of a joke. The message was that to sell successfully, you go where the people are; find a need; and satisfy that need. There are a huge number of people at every courthouse every day. Except for the judges and lawyers, virtually everyone there is a victim, so they have a need. We will educate them that we can help them with their need as we educate them to the dishonesty and corruption.  If we could organize picketing at courthouses nationwide, we would meet a lot of victims, and that could be a way to create awareness and build support. Personally, I would love to see at least one permanent picket outside every federal courthouse and as many county courthouses as possible. We would be able to reach a significant number of victims when they are feeling the pain. We plan to try this on January 31, 2012 at the Fulton County Courthouse.
  16. Will law school professors rally around us?  Should we send them a compelling document?  Law school professors nationwide are a group that we might be able to get to help lead our cause.
  17. Could we get an endowment or find an angel?  If we could get an endowment, we could accomplish a lot with some money.
  18. Grand juries are a viable means to make something happen now. Can we gear up a nationwide grand jury effort?  Can we educate the various special interest groups to what they may be able to accomplish through grand jury efforts?
  19. Should we conduct public trials?
  20. Will the many groups and individuals agree to do the simple things that will enable us to create our own "mainstream" media voice?  I have all the tools and information; it doesn't take much.
  21. Someone emailed with an idea about taking the corruption issue to international groups or courts.
  22. Should we support a spokesperson as a candidate for President?  Senate? House? Governors?
  23. How did the colonists accomplish the revolution?
  24. How did Susan B. Anthony succeed?
  25. What did Martin Luther King do that we can do?
  26. Should we be part of the "Occupy" movement?
  27. Judicial Oversight Board to review and expose improper decisions.
  28. We should be the source for courtwatchers.

Immediate Tasks

  1. I have developed a database of over 4,000 websites related to battling dishonesty and corruption in government.  I need help completing the clean-up of the database and checking sites for phone and fax numbers.  Then we need to make personal contact with everyone  in the database.
  2. GRIPPERS need to begin marking every article they read as a "Favorite."
  3. Everyone needs to sign up for Twitter, and then click to follow Lawless America and GRIP.  This will cause an email to be sent every time we add a new article to one of the websites.
  4. Supporters should begin doing the 10-Minutes-a-Day Projects on

Please comment below on what you like and don't like.  Add your ideas.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is Part 4 of a series of articles that provide the starting point for GRIP, a coalition to save America.

William M. Windsor

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